Brenda Licciardi, NBC-HWC

National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

What is Health & Wellness Coaching? 

∙ A client-centered process to empower people to develop and achieve self-determined health  and wellness goals 

∙ A collaboration between a coach and an individual who wishes to create self-directed, lasting  health and wellness changes 

∙ A support framework for individuals to: 

  •  mobilize their own internal strengths 

  •  consult reliable external resources 

  •  develop self-management strategies for making sustainable lifestyle changes

∙ A partnership in which the coach: 

  •  displays unconditional positive regard for the client 

  •  believes in the client’s capacity for change 

  •  honors that each client is an expert on their own life 

  •  ensures that all interactions are respectful and non-judgmental 

∙ Always aligned with the client’s own values 

∙ A comprehensive process that may involve different areas of life including education, finances,  recreation, relationships, sleep, spirituality, and work or career 

∙ Enjoyable and rewarding! 

Why choose a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach? 

The NBC-HWC credential represents a profession staffed by coaches who satisfy international training,  education, and assessment standards. NBC-HWCs uphold the Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics of  the NBHWC. 

Visit the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching site,, for more information! 

What does a Health & Wellness Coaching client need to do? 

∙ Commit to their own education and growth 

∙ Prepare to be empowered and energized! 

∙ Make choices and decisions regarding their own health and wellness plans, goals and strategies

∙ Understand that health and wellness coaches are partners and facilitators, not instructors

∙ Communicate honestly and be open to the coach’s respectful and supportive feedback

∙ Have at least one relationship with a medical professional 

∙ Understand that health and wellness coaches do not diagnose conditions, prescribe treatments  nor provide medical advice, psychological therapy, or mental health counseling

Coaching Structure and Approach 

After introductory conversations and/or correspondence, the client and the coach agree on a coaching session schedule that will include a mutually agreed upon number of sessions to be completed within a mutually agreed upon timeframe.  Initial sessions may be as long as 90 minutes.  Subsequent sessions are generally between 30 and 60 minutes. 

The coach will guide you through a process of assessing your current state of wellness and envisioning your future state of wellness.  She’ll support you in identifying your priorities and defining your objectives and goals.  She’ll partner with you as you make self-directed changes aligned with your own values to promote lasting progress towards enhanced wellbeing. 

Client Feedback

I feel that sharing with a coach opened up doors that I had not considered before and pointed out things  about myself that I cannot see. I felt hopeful when we talked about alternatives other than what I was  coming up with on my own. …you were able to show me how everything is interconnected. While  working on one part of my life, you pointed out how it was affecting another part of my life so I could see  what brings fullness and joy to me. …what I liked was the supportive environment you provided me, the  encouragement and the positive feedback and setting a weekly goal that was possible to reach yet  pushed me a bit out of my comfort zone. I also felt that as a coach, you were very thorough. I liked the  back and forth communication and how you tried to catch some of the underlying meanings behind what  I was saying. Change is scary, but you are very gentle and encouraging and supportive. 

Working with Brenda has been absolutely life changing! She listened intently, asked deep and essential  questions, and always brought the focus back to what I believed I needed to be healthy on all levels. Not  once did I feel pressured into anything, uncomfortable or that our time together was not beneficial. The  growth and change that I developed each time because of her guidance both surprised and excited me. I  

honestly did not expect to gain what I did working with her. I have walked away gaining new tools and  insight on how to reach where I want to be with my health. Her passion to help others as a Health and  Wellness Coach is extremely evident, and I would recommend her to any and everyone as there is always  something we can improve on in our health and lifestyle.