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Class Sign Up

All classes require advance sign up. Sign up HERE!

All in person classes have limited signup. Proper distancing, along with extra sanitation measures have been put in place.

Yoga Class

Saturdays at 11am

This low impact class will focus on stretching and strengthening your core, glutes, hips and upper body. Postural alignment, breathing, balance and controlled movement will give you a full body workout. *Virtual class option available


Eugenia Richardson

Yoga Practice

Thursdays at 6:30pm

Inspired by traditional yoga practice and rooted in proper alignment and body mechanics you'll flow through a combination of poses that will challenge strength, balance, and flexibility, while uniting the body and mind for a holistic practice. Good for all fitness and experience levels.  *Virtual class option available


Valerie Haack

Pilates Workout

Tuesdays at 5pm

A challenging, faster paced Pilates mat workout using props such as foam roller, hand weights, magic circle, stability ball, bands and your own body weight.  Not suitable for people with injuries or special conditions.

*Virtual class option available


Eugenia Richardson


Thursdays at 5pm

Saturdays at 10am

This class is an invigorating full body mat based workout using tension springs and levers attached to a Springboard.  It fuses classical Pilates mat with Pilates equipment. 


Eugenia Richardson

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